Interviews with exhibitors

The voice of several operators, who chose EMO MILANO 2021 to exhibit and show the public their novelties of metalworking machinery.

Christian Colombo
– Gazzada Schianno Varese Italy

AT EMO MILANO 2021, with an eye to sustainable production.
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Amedeo D’Andrea
– Lainate Milano Italy
At EMO MILANO 2021 there will be great enthusiasm.
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Filippo Gasparini
Mirano Venezia Italy
At EMO MILANO 2021, a unique occasion to identify and meet italian and foreign demand. Transition 4.0 and foreign visitors are the boosters of the World Exhibition held in October.
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Ivano Gerardi
– Lonate Pozzolo Varese Italy
At EMO MILANO 2021 to develop new international partnerships.
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Marco Ghirardello
Lainate Milano Italy
At EMO MILANO 2021 visitors will have a concrete representation of Industry 4.0 among IoT platforms, cobots and automation solutions.
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Prasad Kizhakel
Zürich Switzerland
At EMO MILANO 2021 to meet players of the automotive and mobility sectors.
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Hyekyung Park
Seoul South Korea
At EMO MILANO 2021 to expand our market presence in Europe.
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Marco Rizzi
Cavenago di Brianza Monza Brianza Italy
At EMO MILANO 2021 machines and augmented reality, that’s how MAKINO will exhibit again at the world exhibition.
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Giuseppe Sceusi
– Bentivoglio Bologna Italy
The new sectors we are looking at: e-mobility, consumer electronics and biomedical industry.
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Francesca Zanettin
– Sarego Vicenza Italy
At EMO MILANO 2021 to meet the Italian and foreign demand … with a nazionalistic spirit.
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