Interview with Filippo Gasparini
GASPARINI Mirano Venezia Italy

“At EMO MILANO 2021, a unique occasion to identify and meet italian and foreign demand. Transition 4.0 and foreign visitors are the boosters of the World Exhibition held in October”. 

Could you tell us the first reason that spurred you to take part in EMO MILANO 2021?

We will take part in EMO MILANO 2021 and we are convinced that this is the right choice! While waiting to participate in LAMIERA, which has been postponed until the next year, exhibiting at EMO MILANO 2021 means, first of all, identifying and meeting the demand of the Italian market. Our domestic market can rely on several incentives that are really interesting for those who wish to make investments in new production technologies from now until 2023. Transition 4.0 is a very ambitious programme, but it is also very concrete. In this connection, Italy is really ahead of many other countries in the Euro area and we must make the most of this opportunity.

What would you say to those that believe that EMO is an exhibition mainly focused on the metal cutting sector?

During the course of the years, a natural division has been created between events dedicated to the metal cutting and to the metal forming sector. However, the visitors of EMO are actually operators of the manufacturing industry linked to all sectors we usually address. Therefore, we are sure that these operators will also be interested in our product offering. Even more in this edition, considering that we have not had any exhibitions for at least two years. Moreover, beside EMO MILANO 2021, there will be another trade show, Made in Steel, which will be centred on the iron and steel sector. This sector is very interesting for us and thus this is an additional reason that makes us expect fruitful contacts.

Exhibiting at a trade show has a certain impact on a company budget and thus we are often compelled to make choices. What could you tell your colleagues?

DTwo observations. First of all, we consider EMO MILANO 2021 as an investment for 2021 and also an opportunity to lay the foundation for the order collection of 2022. After all, the data highlight that 81% of the visitors of the World Exhibition are involved in purchasing decisions. Secondly, we are confident that SIMEST can have appropriate resources as soon as possible to finance the participation of enterprises that are sending their applications to exhibit at the World Exhibition of the sector.

Tomorrow, [Friday, 19 March, Ed.], we will have the Metal Forming Committee of the enterprises that are members of UCIMU, of which I am coordinator. To all my colleagues I would like to say that there is another important reason that should push us to exhibit at EMO MILANO 2021: we must be there to show the world the strength of the Italian metal forming sector. We are a united group of companies renowned for our product offering, which we will also present at EMO MILANO, in order to support the image of our country, even in the scenario of the organisers of international exhibitions.