Interview with Prasad Kizhakel

“At EMO MILANO 2021 to meet players of the automotive and mobility sectors”. 

What drives you to participate in EMO MILANO 2021?

Klingelnberg has a very strong, historical link with EMO MILANO: participating is a tradition for us. Moreover, I think that this edition is really special, for all of us, because it will be the first occasion of direct contact with our partners and customers after months of digital meetings in Europe. Meeting again in person will be exciting and will strengthen the relationship with our customers. This will make EMO MILANO 2021 a fruitful and valuable event.


Are you optimistic about 2021? What are your expectations for the performances in 2022?

Yes, we are really optimistic. After the difficulties of 2020, the year 2021 has a completely different trend: our order collection is constantly growing. There is a general recovery in many sectors across the world market. Therefore, we are very optimistic about the future.

Could you mention the most dynamic markets in this upswing phase?

China, without any doubt is the most dynamic market at the moment. The Chinese Government outlined focus areas for development through the 14th Five Year Plan. They also outlined a clear target oriented action plan for being carbon neutral by 2060 and backed it up with the Beijing Declaration on Wind Energy that set among other things a target of 50GW installed capacity per year through 2025. The plan implies considerable investments, in particular in some sectors with high technological content. Klingelnberg is well placed to support such requirements through our highly sophisticated gear grinding and inspection capabilities. We are also taking advantage of the general investment in industrial and infrastructural investments, which China is currently pushing. That said, we are also seeing encouraging trends from other markets such as North America and Asia Pacific. Within Europe, there is a strong recovery in the Italian market, assisted by policy support offered by the government for Industry 4.0 related investments. Therefore, there is an excellent framework for the next EMO MILANO 2021.


What are the technological trends that mostly affect your product offering?

When you look around, it is clearly visible that technological trends in mobility, clean energy, digitalised manufacturing are increasingly shaping the product offering of any innovative company. We at Klingelnberg are no different. Thus, our machines are increasingly innovative, flexible, precise, fast and definitely capable to be fully integrated into the digitalised factories of the future.

What will you exhibit at the trade show?

At EMO MILANO 2021 we will be showcasing our latest developments. These include the presentation of a new Gear Roll Testing Machine for high-precision testing technology and our further development of Optical Metrology. Designed for all five roll testing methods, the compact Gear Roll Testing Machine machine is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to combine inspection cycles and reduce disassembly costs while benefiting from a user-friendly design. Another key topic will be our Hybrid Measuring Technology. To be equipped for all measurement tasks, Klingelnberg combines HISPEED OPTOSCAN optical measuring technology with the established, high-precision 3D NANOSCAN probing system. This system incorporates maximum precision with the required robustness for a production environment. Thanks to the high-speed changeover feature, the optimal measurement system can be used for every task.

Which kind of visitors do you expect to meet?

We hope that we will meet our valued customers and also collect new contacts, as it has always happened in the past. We are looking forward to exciting conversations with our customers, so that we can explain our tailor made solutions to them in person and also gain valuable insights into any new challenges they may be facing in their daily business.