Interview with Riccardo D’Ambrosio
REGG INSPECTION Gorgonzola Milano Italy

“Great expectations for our first edition of EMO MILANO”. 

Mr D’Ambrosio, this year your company will take part in EMO MILANO for the first time. Why did you make this decision?

The favourable economic scenario and the absence of other trade shows for the sector in the current year make EMO MILANO 2021 the only significant event on which we have decided to focus all our efforts.
Our participation is a challenge.
The period is positive, but still very uncertain.
However, we strongly believe in a market recovery and we perceive that all the operators of the sector really wish to return to normal.
Indeed, we expect to meet all our contacts and establish relations with new potential customers.

Have you already decided which products to exhibit at your stand for the public of EMO MILANO?

Yes, we have. In order to present ourselves as an innovative company and show the best of our product offering, we will exhibit three big novelties of our production: a new model of inspection machine, an absolutely new measuring system to carry out precise sample measurements and – for our Regg Rolling division – a new 3-die thread rolling machine. These machines will be presented in operation at our stand, in order to offer visitors a tangible demonstration of the innovative strength, precision, speed and flexibility that characterise them.

What are your forecasts for the trend of the market in 2021 and in the future?

The recovery has started, but not completely. In the sector, we observe an alternation of very high upswings and slowdown trends. Therefore, the year 2021 will represent a transition year in the name of recovery, in the perspective of a better relaunch next year, when, we think, there will be fewer uncertainties and the market will be stronger.


Which are the markets in the spotlight of the current recovery?

Among the markets in which we are working, the United States have started a strong upswing and they are really the most dynamic market presently. Even Europe is recovering, but in a more moderate way and so is Japan, which is achieving growing results more gradually.

What do your customers mostly require? What trends are influencing the market?

Better and better performing solutions and reduced processing times are the main requirements of our customers. We try to propose products always in line with these needs by a use of technologies and a constant research & development process. A good part of our investments is aimed at optimising these performances and our product ranges are more and more in line with Industry 4.0.
We look forward to meeting you at EMO MILANO 2021 to show you all their possible functions!