Interview with Giuseppe Bucci
ROSA ERMANDO Rescaldina Milano Italy

“At EMO MILANO 2021 to increase our visibility worldwide”. 

What motivated you to take part in EMO MILANO 2021? What do you expect from your participation?

EMO MILANO 2021 represents an opportunity for us to meet international customers and obtain new contacts worldwide. Our participation is fundamental, because it will allow us to “travel around the world” during the six days of the exhibition and, by taking the maximum advantage of its synergies, we will have the possibility of developing our innovative processes more easily. The 2021 edition will be a turning-point occasion: as the first big event of the sector after a long time, the trade show will enable a worldwide return to normal, with regard to business activity as well as to the possibility of interacting and exchanging views in person with competitors and visitors. We are confident about the success of exhibition and we think that its time positioning in October and the vaccination plan will allow a good turnout of trade operators, which, once again, will confirm its international spirit.

Have you already envisioned what you will exhibit at the trade show?

Yes, we have. We will surely exhibit our latest proposals and products with innovative functions at EMO MILANO 2021, in order to present the best of our production to the visitors of the exhibition. In particular, we will show three machines that will offer a vision of our innovation and variety of proposed products: a large-sized grinding machine with universal head, a linear-motor machine and rotary-table grinding machine. Through our display and our machinery, we will highlight the high quality of our product ranges and will offer a view on the technological innovations of machines, which are more and more necessary and sought-after.

So do you think that the product offering of the sector is increasingly characterised by technological innovations?

Yes, no doubt it is. We are increasingly experiencing a digitalisation of machine tools in a continuous and gradual way. We, the companies of the sector, produce products and specific solutions related to Industry 4.0 and the market strongly requires machines that are better and better performing and more and more precise. Presently, we have joined the initiative of the MindSphere platform devised by Siemens: it is an open ecosystem for IoT based on cloud, which makes the factory more and more digital and connected. Thanks to this project, we are entering the work management mode in a new and innovative way, with machines that can be managed remotely and Apps created to optimise company’s costs and processing times.


What are you experiencing in 2021? Which are the most dynamic markets for you at the moment?

The year 2021 has started in a very positive way. We are still receiving many orders and our results are much better than in the peculiar, past year. In the Italian market, we are observing a great desire to start again and a need to leave behind the critical issues linked to the pandemic. Surely, the incentives related to Industry 4.0 are helping the relaunch of the sector and contribute to a wider movement of orders and investments. With this scenario and an improving public health situation, we envisage a constant and continuous growth, which should also go on for the whole year 2022.
Currently, besides Italy, the most active and better performing markets are certainly those of Russia and China. In particular, in our business activity, we have observed an increase in orders and contacts from the Chinese market and this raises our hopes for an improvement of our internationality and for a further growth worldwide.
We hope that Italy and all other countries will be able to take advantage of this recovery to start again and return to normal as a soon as possible. EMO MILANO 2021 will be an essential instrument to make this relaunch more concrete and achievable.

Interview given by Giuseppe Bucci and Claudio Mezzanzanica (Trade Department, ROSA ERMANDO)