Interview with Francesca Zanettin
SALVAGNINI Sarego Vicenza Italy

“At EMO MILANO 2021 to meet the Italian and foreign demand … with a nazionalistic spirit”. 

Mrs. Zanettin, could you tell us the reasons that spurred SALVAGNINI to exhibit at EMO MILANO 2021?

The primary reason that pushed us to take part in EMO MILANO 2021 is that we want to be present on the Italian market. The postponement of LAMIERA until 2022 and domestic demand, which is particularly dynamic, also thanks to the incentives for investments in new production technologies established in the Transition Plan 4.0, are two conditions that convinced us how important it is to exhibit at the World Exhibition in October. Moreover, we do that with nationalistic spirit. As SALVAGNINI, we wish to give our contribution to affirm the strength of our country, not only in the international rankings of the sector, where we are leaders with regard to production, exports and consumption, but also in the rankings of exhibition organisers. Having important trade shows in Italy is no doubt a point in favour of the whole industrial system of the sector and of the economic and industrial system of our country.

How do you see the current economic moment? Domestic and foreign markets?

We are very positive. The year 2021 will be better for us than 2020, as it is normal, but also than 2019, which had however given us considerable satisfaction. We had an excellent year’s start. Our Italian customers are very interested and motivated and domestic demand is really dynamic, due both to the rebound after the investment freeze registered in 2020, and to the provisions of the Transition Plan 4.0.
We are having good results even abroad. In Europe, we have obtained positive performances in Great Britain, Germany and North Europe. We have recorded very positive outcomes in the United States and China, as well as in Russia. All this allows us to say that the next months will be positive for our business, even if we know that a constant commitment is necessary to be successful.

Do you mean that, as the saying goes, “you snooze, you lose”?

I mean that having achieved positive results should be a spur to do better and better. For example, we have organised, even if remotely, in order to continue training sessions to our sales network, with weekly meetings; we have scheduled webinars and master classes for Italian and foreign customers and we have arranged live demonstrations on the customers’ workpieces directly from our showroom and on several technologies; we have taken part in virtual exhibitions and keep searching for new tools to strengthen and improve our presence.


Have you already thought about what you will present at the World Exhibition?

Our participation comes after a long absence of Salvagnini at EMO. Initially, we intended to participate with a representative presence, but we are considering other choices, which can match the features of a traditional exhibition – i.e. with machines – with a digital event. Presently, we are thinking about showing one of our latest solutions with regard to panelling machines, and specifically our most successful model with an innovative configuration. In addition, we would like to offer the operators a visit to our new CAMPUS facility, even if 200 km apart.