Roboethics. Is man still at the center of innovation?

Organised by SIRI, the Italian association of robotics and automation, and promoted by FONDAZIONE UCIMU and Publitec, The conference aims to analyze the relationship between man and innovation in the era of the spread of robotics and artificial intelligence increasingly present in all areas of daily life. The conference will also present updated data on the sector at both national and global level.

Welcome and opening of works

  • Domenico Appendino, President of SIRILa robotica industriale oggi”

Round table

Round table conducted by Andrea Cabrini, Director Class CNBC, with the participation of:

  • Paolo Benanti, Professor of Moral Theology and Ethics of Technologies, Pontificia Università
  • Marco Bentivogli, Coordinator and Co-founder of BASE ITALIA
  • Andrea Bertolini, Lawyer, Researcher Scuola Superiore S. Anna, Director Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Regulation – EURA)
  • Antonio Sgorbissa, Professor Dibris, Università degli Studi di Genova

Public opinions and questions, debate with speakers.

Conclusions of  Domenico Appendino