Anti-covid-19 entrance and safety procedures guidelines

The information published on this webpage are in line with the current legislation aimed at combating the propagation of Covid-19 disease risks and could be subject to modification and/or further integrations. We kindly invite you to constantly inspect these guidelines for any possible additional update.


In compliance with the current dispositions aimed at combating the propagation of Covid-19 disease risks and to guarantee the participants’ safety and health safeguard, it is required to carefully follow the following directions to enter the exhibition center.

These directions also define the access and stay of the fitters and companies participating in the preparation, installation and disassembly of the stands.

All visitors are required to pre-register online. This will guarantee a faster and safer access to the exhibition center. To maximally control the number of entrances based on the maximum capacity of the premises, based on the Covid-19 area limitations, the only functional ticket office will be the online one (it won’t be possible to buy entrance tickets in person at the fair).

The Green Digital Pass will be mandatory for every entrance (“Certificazione verde Covid-19” in either paper or digital format with at least one of the following requisites: at least the first vaccination dose, if taken 14 days prior to entrance; recovery certificate from Covid-19 infection; a negative molecular or antigenic test result taken maximum 48h prior to entrance).

To facilitate the entrance to the exhibition, Covid swab hubs were installed at the main entrances. At these hubs it will be possible to pay for a molecular or antigenic test. The hubs will be located, during the exhibition days, near the East Gate, West Gate, South Gate and near Cargo 1 (Largo Nazioni road); during the remaining days the only active hubs will be located near East Gate and Cargo 1 (Largo Nazioni road).

For visitors coming from outside the EU, additionally to the “EU Digital COVID Certificate” released by the European Union countries, the certifications released from the Schengen and equivalent Countries (USA, Japan, Canada, and Israel) will be considered valid. Visitors coming from the aforementioned areas will not be required to self-isolate and attend any health surveillance. For visitors coming from any other Country, it will be possible to enter the Country and remain in Italy for business purposes up to 120 hours. Further directions are available at the Health Minister website.

Access will be denied to all people displaying a body temperature equal or higher than 37,5°C. All walking or driving entrances were provided with body temperature measuring stations.

It is mandatory to wear a protective mask during the entire stay in the exhibition ground.

Personal distance of at least 1 meter is strongly recommended.


Special attention will be placed toward the respect of the hygiene and sanitization conditions of all environments.

All entrances, crossing points, catering and toilet areas will be equipped with hand sanitizer gel dispensers.

The sanitization of all environments will be guaranteed, and the cleaning and disinfection activities will be increased for all common spaces and frequent contact areas (handles, handrails, switches, etc.).

Clothes and all personal belongings will be held in specific bags before being placed in the wardrobes.

The air recirculation function will not be functioning during the exhibition opening times. This will ensure adequate air renewal for all the environments.


Medical assistance will be expanded with qualified personnel equipped with proper devices, work space and equipment suitable to respond to any Covid-19 crisis. For any emergency situation, visitors and exhibitors are prompted to call the number +39 02 49 97 72 10

FOOD COURT (Catering Areas)

the relevant jurisdiction provisions are being applied, guaranteeing a safe fruition of the catering services, fully respecting the inter-personal safety distances, and leaving all environments hygienically safe.

ARENAS (Conference, talk and lecture areas)

The disposition and number of seats will be reflective of the current safety provisions, ensuring the correct distancing between the members of the audience. The arenas will be deeply sanitized at the end of each event.

Updated on August 31, 2021


 To entry into Italy, travellers resident/domiciled in Milano and Lodi provinces that come only from countries of the lists :

  1. D) Albania, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Jordan, Lebanon, Kosovo, Moldova, Montenegro, New Zealand, Qatar, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Republic of Korea, Republic of North Macedonia, Serbia, Singapore, United States of America, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions.
  2. E) Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Brazil and India and rest of the world are required to register themselves

HERE ATS MILANO Città Metropolitana – Emergenza Coronavirus (

And fill out this form with the required data
(English translation of the form is available HERE)  Modulo ENG.pdf (

  • Warning! Everyone entering into Italy must be registered, so, for example, for a family unit, all members including minors, must be recorded.
  • Warning! Communications registered more than 3 days in advance will not be accepted 
  • Warning! Please report in the notes field any impossibility to upload the green certificate, the molecular or antigen swab test result or other documents.
  • Warning! Please specify in the notes field any possession of a derogation from the quarantine and/or swab test.