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Based on the experience of more than 100 years in the production of thread cutting tools and the passion for thread cutting VÖLKEL has developed into a worldwide leading manufacturer of standard thread cutting tools, all available from stock.

We consequently focus on:

Specialization – We are focusing on what we do best: Thread Cutting Tools

Quality – We guarantee a stable good quality for the industry

Price – Over the mix of our product range we are offering the best price

Service – We guarantee a delivery capacity beyond 99% of all items listed in our catalogue

V-COIL notch

The brand new and innovative V-COIL notch System for tangless wire thread inserts offers you new possibilities. More safety! More speed! More flexibility!
V-COIL notch Tangless Thread Inserts do NOT have a tang. Instead, these inserts have small notches (driver notches) on the inside at both ends of the thread inserts. The innovative V-COIL notch installation tool engages in these notches and securely holds the thread insert for fitment!


Bring colour into the game

With some special materials (stainless steel, cast iron, aluminium, brass etc.) you will only get insufficient results using an “allrounder”. Because only with tools that are optimally matching the material you will achieve satisfactory results.
VÖLKEL Machine Taps with coloured ring offer you the following advantages:

• Optimum tool geometries for perfect threads
• Increased tool life time and process reliability
• Simple, material-related tool selection
• Cost reduction through increased performance