Violi S.r.l. is an Italian company specialized in the design and production of machinery typically used in the goldsmith, industrial and precious metal recovery areas.
For 30 years, Violi S. r. l. offers a series of machinery developed thanks to a continuous research activity. The company has always tried with its product to provide solutions aimed at the quality that customers want to achieve. In fact, Violi is always looking for innovations and technological improvements aimed at getting to the quality that customer is looking for.
Today, briquetting of metal chips and scrap is gaining renewed attention. A briquetting machine, with the current technologies, is simple, easy to use, and brings many advantages to the companies of the metalworking sector
The Violi hydraulic briquetting machine mod. VM / CTA0 allow to carry out the compression of shavings deriving from turning or milling processes and are suitable for direct positioning under a machine tool.
VM / CTAR0-01 is a plant that allows to reduce the length of the chips with a shredder and through a conveyor system brings the shredded product gradually and continuously, into the compacting machine hopper, inside which there are two augers that push the material into the compaction chamber. The system consists of a liquid collection tank and drain pump. The cycle is managed via PLC and chip presence sensors.
All Violi compacting and briquetting machines are fully customizable on customer request.
The company produces a wide range of machinery:
– Series of linear hydraulic drawing machines for tubes and bars with various lengths and powers up to 30,000 Kg;
– Series of multiple pass wire drawing machines;
– Series of machines for straightening tubes, bars and wires also with flying cut;
– Series of machinery for the recovery of precious metals;
– Special ultrasonic washing machines with high power;

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