THE BARDEN CORPORATION Super precision bearings for high speed machine tool spindles


The Barden Corporation is a leading UK manufacturer with a long, respected history of designing world-class, super precision ball bearings for extreme and challenging applications. Working together with parent company HQW Precision GmbH as Partners in Precision, we supply customers across the globe in a variety of sectors. Our principles remain constant throughout the sales and manufacturing process; quality, precision and reliability.
With over 70 years of experience and knowledge of the bearing industry we pride ourselves on manufacturing innovative products which are supported by technical excellence and exceptional quality. As precision partners, we share best practice and knowledge, delivering bearings and assemblies which are tailormade to the demands of the application and requirements of our customers.
Product Range
Barden and HQW specialise in the production of spindle ball bearings which are manufactured to the highest precision standards. The product range covers bearings from 3mm inner diameter up to 180mm outer diameter. The bearings are specially designed to offer an exceptionally long lifetime, are suitable for the highest operating speeds and, through optional materials, extreme corrosion resistance.
The tolerances for size, geometry and running accuracy of our spindle bearings fully comply with international ISO 492 and national DIN 620 standards, as well as American ABMA Standard 20 ABEC tolerance classes. After assembly in a Class 7 cleanroom our bearings are subjected to 100% noise testing to ensure that our customers always receive bearings which meet the best noise standard for their application. The overall result is a high precision product with a long operating life.