STATON STATON PVD Coating Equipment / PVD Coatings


STATON is a machinery company concentrated both in development and construction of high-tech PVD coating equipment and components, production and reconditioning of tools and improvement of quality of tools by deposition of superior PVD coatings.
Since its establishment in 1996, STATON was driven by the vision to build up an internationally renowned company focused on the production of coating equipment and development of novel coatings. Great emphasis is put on application of the newest scientific knowledge in the fields of nanotechnology and plasma technology worldwide. The aim is to offer complex services and coating solutions that increase the quality and performance of various types of tools.
Advanced tools with complex geometries and different application require high-tech PVD coating equipment. Therefore, STATON develops series of high-flexible automated coating equipment OCTOARC. Newest generation of OCTOARC series is designed to produce hard and wear resistant coatings using PVD method. OCTOARC series is the result of more than 20 years of research and development history of the company STATON. Main advantage of OCTOARC coating system is highly flexibility (R&D and production) and its construction can be easily modified according to any individual customer requirements. The OCTOARC system is offered with arc evaporation cathodes fsARC® (fast steered arc) and can also be supplied in a combination with filtered cathodic arc, DC magnetron sputtering and HiPIMS technologies. The system thus provides vast possibilities to fulfill the most demanding requirements of the market and customers.

You will find the newest generation of OCTOARC coating equipment in Hall 2, Booth D36.