SAPORITI SAPORITI Italian machines since 1946 for the thread milling of extruders, injectors , pumps and compressors screws, for barrels deep holes drilling-boring-honing and for ball valve grinding


At EMO MILANO 2021 SAPORITI will present many innovations in the fields where the Company is international leader.
– For the thread milling machine for screws moreover the new versions of milling heads for disc cutters particularly suitable for the manufacturing of pumps and compressors screws it will be introduced the new 3D software suitable to display the screws shape as programmed by the Saporiti software Sapovite which allows the easier screws programming. This great upgrade is developed by Saporiti and an important group for the CAD CAM and 3D modelling. This feature will be very handy for new but also existing Customers which already use the Sapovite.
Also interesting the new available features of the most popular Saporiti milling machine (suitable for small medium screws manufacturing -up to 250 mm diameter and 8000 mm length) the PLUS400 between which the possibility to interpolate the Y axis during working operation, the using of special tools to produce spline shaft and the inflating of air and coolant mixing for the workpiece chilling and area cleaning.
– It will be present the new version of the deep hole drilling-boring-honing machine SAPORITI FL500 studied for the complete manufacturing of barrels also twin. This machine can be with fixed or rotary workpiece also with Bottle Boring option for the hole internal profiling with CNC controlled tool.
– In the Ball Valve Grinding machines field it will be present the new model SAPORITI PV750 suitable to works valve ball up to 750 mm OD (20” ID). It will be also shown the great result in the grinding of valves with hard coating which are normally not worked as nickel-boron alloys. These results are such as for DN 400 balls with Outer Diameter of 590 mm Roughness accuracy Ra 0.475 and roundness accuracy 0.0084 mm.
All the Saporiti machine tools are equipped with latest generation CNC and suitable to be placed in Industry 4.0 factories.