RETUNER SMARTEdge4.0 NG: a revolutionary user experience for all factory employees


RETUNE your business into Industry 4.0 tunes. This is the adage of Orchestra, an innovative start-up that since 2016 has designed and supplied its own technologies and solutions for Industry 4.0. We supply digital solutions for real-time monitoring, control, diagnostics and remote configuration of machinery, systems and plants.
RETUNER is our products suite, which interconnects the machines with each other and with the company’s IT systems, giving access to the benefits of the Italian 4.0 Transition Plan.
At EMO 2021 we are presenting the latest addition to our products for Industry 4.0: the new SMARTEdge4.0 NG. The NG stands for Next Generation to underline its totally innovative design, designed to host and offer a new User Experience to operators of the digital factory of the future.
Thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence algorithms, the new Edge has been designed to develop a range of innovative digital proximity services for on-board machine operators: from augmented reality to predictive maintenance, from digital twin to real-time control of worker safety.
The RETUNER products suite also includes the MiniMES4.0, the MES designed specifically for SMEs, even those without digitization, for the planning, progress, monitoring and finalization of production orders.
The RETUNER solution is ready for use (plug & play), does not require programming and is able to interconnect new and existing machines on multiple protocols at the same time. Likewise, it is able to communicate with third-party platforms.
We are partners of the main machine manufacturers and we support them in pre and post sales, offering their manufacturing customers a turnkey solution to obtain the tax benefits of the Italian 4.0 Transition Plan.