REDEX REDEX at the EMO MILANO 2021: a smooth evolution towards revolution


REDEX will introduce at EMO MILANO 2021 (booth 1B19) the latest enhancements of its planetary servo-gearbox range for machine tool axis drives.
For almost 20 years, RP+ series have set as a standard for machine tool main axis drives.
The extent of REDEX range and the versatility of versions, with their high performances, smart design, and foolproof lifespan, have enabled countless successful applications with worldwide machine-tool OEMs.
Standing on market requirements regarding axis drives performances and quality of finishing surface, REDEX engineering teams worked out to update new helical teeth parameters, allowing significant ratings improvements of gearboxes behaviors, especially lowering vibrations and noise level.
Dedicated to rack & pinion drive (or crown & pinion for rotary axes), this RP+ series evolution keeps its core design with shaft integrated output pinion ensuring capable of withstanding very high forces or accelerations, and enable full interchangeability with existing range.

Redex will also highlight its 2-Speed gearbox solutions with both, the MSR for Turning table (low and high speed to table main drive and C axis drive), and the MSD and RAM water-cooled gearboxes with multiple options of integration, up to inline spindle drive with integrated spindle motor.