Founded in 1951 by two partners Mr. Parpajola Pietro and Pasquetto Giosué, Gruppo Parpas with its two brands PARPAS and OMV – Officine Meccaniche Venete has been successful in the machine tools business, manufacturing milling / boring machines with 3 and 5 axis, high speed and high power used by the most important companies worldwide to machine all different types of high tech materials. Since the beginning PARPAS and OMV has been known as researching advanced high technology solution by using the most advanced design tools, the most efficient production methodology and the best quality control. Parpas products ensure the top quality in an industry sector where the continuous evolution is constantly asking very high technology solutions. Gruppo Parpas is exporting worldwide about 70% of the production and it is recognized as a leader in the high performance milling technology for industry sectors as Aerospace/Aviation, Automotive, General Machining and Energy. The markets where the Parpas / OMV machines are sold are the traditional regions were the high technology is a “must” such as EEC countries and North America as well as emerging markets like China, India and Middle East countries. Today Gruppo Parpas can offer one of the most complete range of milling / boring machine both as sizes and as configurations; vertical / universal bed type machines, large bridge and gantry machines, mobile column machining centres and large size heavy duty boring machines. Our machines are running in well-known Italian and international companies where we can name FIAT AUTO, FERRARI, OPEL, GM, VOLVO, ITALDESIGN, MCLAREN as car industries; BOEING, LOCKHEED MARTIN, SAFRAN, CESSNA, PRATT & WHITNEY, CHENGDU AIRCRAFT, SHENYANG AIRCRAFT, GENERAL ELECTRIC, ANSALDO, NUOVO PIGNONE, in the aviation and energy industries; WHIRLPOOL, STIHL, SWAROVSKI, THYSSEN, GD, BORMIOLI are some other very important companies in other fields. PARPAS an ideal partner to work with to compete in a global market.