OTT-JAKOB Smart networking with IO-Link and OTT-JAKOB


The integration of sensors into clamping systems has been one of OTT-JAKOB´s R&D focus areas for over 20 years. As a member of the IO-Link Consortium, with the multifunctional unit MSU IO-Link compact the company is now offering a monitoring solution supporting the new communication interface.

Multifunctional all-rounder
MSU IO-Link compact is a further development of the multi-sensor system MSU which has been available for OTT-JAKOB unclamping units since 2017. Consisting of a hydraulic unclamping unit with integrated clamping status sensor technology and a single-passage rotary union with permanently closed sealing surfaces, MSU IO-Link compact is a powerful all-in-one solution.

In addition to the possibility of transferring coolant , the system also has a piston position sensing. This ensures that the release piston has no contact with rotating machine elements during machining. Furthermore, temperature, stroke and leakage can be monitored.

Various signal output options
The monitoring sensors are pre-mounted in the unclamping unit and IO-Link-compatible. This allows MSU IO-Link compact to be integrated into modern automation structures with little engineering effort. In addition, mechanical adjustment work is no longer necessary and installation can be carried out according to the plug & play principle. The measured values are transmitted via IO-Link by default. Furthermore, data output is possible as an analogue (mA or V) or digital signal.

Ultra-compact and customisable design
By combining the unclamping unit and rotary union in one unit and due to the space-saving integration of the sensors, OTT-JAKOB is able to design these extremely compact functional units. Within the scope of a customer project, a solution with an overall length of only 101 mm has already been successfully implemented. As an expert in special solutions, OTT-JAKOB can adapt MSU IO-Link compact to individual requirements.