MECMATICA MECMATICA S.R.L.: Software solutions for optimization, management and monitoring of mechanical production.


Mecmatica is the partner with high experience to provide solutions to support your production.
For over 20 years, we provide optimization, management and monitoring solutions for production process.
Our experience has been consolidated, we have over 400 customers in Manufacturing supply Chain and confirmation of our concrete contribution to the various machining process come from the fact that over 7.000 machine tools have been connected in Italy and in the world, both in SMEs and medium-large companies. is our software born in production, for production. is a production management software, containing all the necessary modules to manage the production cycle at 360°, from estimating to invoicing, in a precise and reliable way.

What is, in summary:
– A complete MES Software
– Monitoring of productive resources in real time;
– Operational support for staff on the shop floor
– Management of manufacturing’s orders, for internal and external steps of production;
– Production scheduling with finite capability;
– Management of items traceability, logistic, stock and supply chain;
– Management of quality control before and during the manufacturing process;
– Economic and technical Item’s budgeting;
– Management of maintenance for Industrial assets
All this feature in a single but modular software solution that combines our twenty years of concrete experience, we are the ideal partner to reach the Enterprise 4.0 goals with you and we provide Software solutions since 2000 Y, to support your production step by step.

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24050 Spirano (BG)
Phone 035 320144