MATE PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES Workholding For Machinists by Machinists


Leveraging nearly seven decades of machining experience producing precision, high quality steel products for customers around the world, Mate’s own machinists and product engineers collaborated to create a new level of innovative workholding.

Mate’s workholding line offers an impressive selection of options:

• Mate DynoGrip™ self-centering vises feature maximum holding power in a compact system with minimal part movement and zero-point quality engagement with a four-post pull stud pattern.

• Mate DynoLock™ quick change bases provide zero-point quality engagement with a four-post stud pattern and best-in-class center accuracy and repeatability.

• Mate DynoMount™ system includes tombstones, pyramids, risers, and dual right-angle mounts that feature zero-point quality engagement for four-point stud patterns.

The Mate 52/96 workholding system includes QuickSpecs™, Mate’s unique product identification system. QuickSpecs allows real-time access to critical user data, CAD models and potential integration into business systems. Moreover, the product supports common robotic interfaces and palletizing systems to support factory automation.

This new line is designed and manufactured with Mate’s renowned performance standards for best-in-class accuracy and repeatability. The workholding system is backed by the company’s sophisticated technical support, unsurpassed product quality, responsive customer service, and 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Learn more online:

Founded in 1962, Mate is a world-class manufacturer of superior solutions for the metalworking industry. Mate manufactures workholding, CNC punch press tooling and press brake tooling. Mate products and services are available worldwide, fully supported by more than 80 dealers in every industrialized country. Mate’s mission is to personally Respect, Support and Inspire metalworking professionals around the world with high-quality products and services for factory productivity.