LAZZATI LAZZATI S.p.A. High Performance Boring Mills


LAZZATI, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy horizontal hydrostatic boring and milling machines, was established in 1939. The headquarter and the factory are located only 15 km far from Milan Malpensa Airport, in the North Region of Italy.
Thanks to its long tradition of research and development, LAZZATI brand is globally recognized for high technology and top level machine tools quality. The aim of the company is to create a reliable and high performance product, which can be easily used for multiple applications such as general and precision machining, automotive, energy, earthmoving and aerospace.
During the years of its long history, the company has been enhanced, increased and expanded to the current operational area of over 25,000 square meters. The modern structure of the actual company and the leading edge technology of its machines has been achieved thanks to the really high focus on innovation and leveraging the tradition of deep attention to quality and continuous development.
High flexibility and ergonomic design make LAZZATI machines the best expression of the latest mechanical design for machine tools Industry 4.0 ready!
LAZZATI, as a leader designer and manufacturer of machine tools, produces environmentally friendly boring and milling machines, allowing users to use resources efficiently, minimizing the use of energy, raw materials and resources. For this reason, LAZZATI, has invested much time and effort to achieve machine tools capable of ensuring environmental sustainability of the production cycle to which they are an integral part.
The attention given to environmental issues, in LAZZATI is linked to commercial reliability, financial strength, maximum attention to safety and function testing and continuing care and respect for the Customer.
Our real passion is your LAZZATI machine.