LASCO Advantage through decentralisation - Fully-automated aluminium forging line from LASCO Umformtechnik


Five forming units with differentiated features share the process steps for forming complicated aluminium vehicle components in the new forging line from LASCO. This concept has substantial advantages: a high degree of flexibility, additional degrees of freedom in the forming process, short cycle times combined with high system availability, automated tool change running in parallel and shorter implementation periods from order entry to SOP. Despite the division of labour within the forging line, the process chain is of course fully automated.
The production line consists of a forging roll, a preforming and bending press, two screw presses and a piercing and trimming press. In each process stage, the specific advantages of each unit type can thus be fully utilised.
LASCO forging rolls are characterised by high flexibility with regard to tool change (< 10 min) and high repeating accuracy of the stretching geometry. By using direct/accumulator drives or the “LASCO hydraulic servo direct drive®” specially developed for energy-saving operation, LASCO hydraulic presses offer high forming speeds despite a surprisingly low connected load.
The working capacity of LASCO screw presses can be perfectly regulated with unsurpassed repeatability. LASCO screw presses extend this advantage with additional features, among other things, with regard to the range of machinable material alloys as well as low operating and maintenance costs.
Due to the large tool installation space of the LASCO hydraulic press type VPE, complex combination tools for piercing/trimming/calibrating can be used.
As a system integrator, LASCO offers the complete portfolio of automation technology in addition to layout planning. The LASCO Master Control ensures cycle time-optimised, harmonious motion sequences.