KERN MICROTECHNIK Kern Micro HD - the new standard in precision manufacturing


With the newly developed micro-gap hydrostatics, the linear drives and the advanced KERN temperature management, the KERN Micro HD is the new benchmark in precision, long-term stability and dynamics. The KERN Micro HD is the solution for high-precision serial – and prototype-production and when the question comes up whether production is still possible. This system is based on the second generation of KERN Micro, which was launched in 2019, and relies on proven, high-quality KERN technology. It provides absolute
reliability and supreme machine stability with advanced Kern temperature management. Multi-shift operation – with no need for an operator – with integrated changer for up to 210 tools and a maximum of 60 workpieces is possible. It comes with compact design and a small footprint of less than 54 sqft/5 m2.