KEBA Smart HMI Solutions, The Complete System Solution, Safe and Precise Motion with PROFINET IRT


Use case improvements for „trial NC program runs” are easy and efficient to create. With the fully adaptive rotary push button KeWheel as the main operating element, input devices, such as overrides, handwheels, mode-selection switches, axis travel buttons and the user interface, can be combined in a single device.
Blind operation and staying focused on the process: The operator gets additional information about the condition of the machine through wide-ranging haptic feedback.

First visual impressions are given in the video. But you need to feel this. Use the opportunity at our stand at the EMO!

Haptic feedback is desired. Even with modern multitouch panels. This is usually lost here. But not with KEBA: With our multitouch control panel with force feedback, the operator feels different feedback patterns through pressure points and positions of buttons in the user interface. This haptic feedback is supported by a “click sound”.
Thus, when interacting with the force feedback touch, the user receives active, haptic and acoustic feedback, even when he takes his eyes off the control panel.

We make your heart beat faster with demonstrated dynamics and precision at the EMO. The ServoOne servo controllers amaze with a rotating field frequency of up to 1,600 Hz and a rated current of 4-450 Amps. You’ll also see motor spindles by Heinz Fiege for industrial applications of up to 120 kW and 50,000 RPM.