JUNKER JUNKER grinding machines - World market leader in grinding with CBN


The impact made by JUNKER on the world of grinding technology since 1962 is practically unrivaled. With over 80 patents, many of them ground-breaking inventions, JUNKER is a complete supplier with an unbeaten track record in innovation.

From crankshafts to thread taps – JUNKER high-speed grinding machines are found wherever ultra-precise metalworking and customized grinding concepts are called for, particularly in the automotive and tool industry.

The in-depth dialog JUNKER enjoys with discerning customers is due to its unique problem-solving expertise, making the company the world market leader in CBN grinding and a pacemaker for the industry as a whole.

The JUNKER Group’s global service network offers rapid support and expert advice 24 hours a day, any time you need it. The reliable, strong service team customizes the service offer according to customer needs.