JAINNHER MACHINE Professional manufacture of precision grinding machine in Taiwan


As a professional manufacture of precision grinding machine in Taiwan, JAINNHER MACHINE owns nearly 40 years extensive experiences in this filed and develop completely machine series which can fulfill various demand including: centerless, Cylindrical, Internal (ID), Plunge & Angular cylindrical, Centers hole, Double spindle (OD & ID), Vertical and Thread grinding machine.

We started producing the first batch centerless grinding machines in 1983, until today some of these machines are still on the service in customer’s factory. The great quality, precise accuracy and good service made our good reputation. We have consisted of 130 employees with full energy and ambitious to satisfy various customer’s requirement.

Grinding machine is one of the key points which concern customer’s production quality. Our provided are not just machines, but also the turnkey solution. We’ll keep advance the grinding technology which to bring the whole new experience to all users.

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