IONBOND Ionbond provides thin-film coating services and operates 35 coating centers worldwide.


Ionbond has one of the largest networks in the world and provides highest performance PVD, CVD and PACVD coatings. The company has been involved in this market for over 50 years and offers the broadest set of coating technologies in the industry. Ionbond’s expertise goes far beyond our industry-leading CVD coating services with extensive coating portfolios based on PVD and PACVD technologies as well. The focus at Ionbond is to provide high quality standard coatings and to offer customized solutions. Ionbond is eager to take on difficult and specialized coating applications and to put in the time and energy required to meet such custom coating requirements. Our teams work with their customers in very close cooperation to ensure the coatings meet all the critical requirements. In doing so Ionbond gains a deep understanding into the very specific requirements of several demanding markets such as cutting tools and industrial components, as well as medical and decorative applications, forming molding tools, fuel cells, automotive components and food contact surfaces. In such applications it is imperative to have the highest level of quality control throughout the coating process. Flexibility, innovation, and integrity are at the heart of our business. Following this path, Ionbond strive to be the preferred supplier for environmentally friendly vacuum coatings.

Ionbond is part of IHI Corporation, an international industrial group based in Japan. Ionbond and its partners Hauzer, Bernex and VTN can provide tailor-made solutions to clients by working closely together.