HAUZER IHI Hauzer Techno Coating BV


Hauzer Techno Coating has been a pioneer in plasma coating equipment since 1983. Creative solutions are part of our DNA. Our engineers have used their experience to develop a broad plasma technology portfolio, which we integrate in our industrial batch and inline equipment. The basis for our success is our people, our experience and our close cooperation with our customers and scientific institutes. In the future, we will continue to expand our industrial plasma solutions, developing new technologies and material properties in line with our customers’ sustainable goals. Combining these technologies with application knowledge, we can build the most efficient, highly productive equipment that markets need. Hauzer is your partner for industrial plasma solutions.

The right coating equipment for your market applications
Wear protection, lifetime extension, environmental impact reduction – each company within each market sector has challenges that a well-chosen coating can address. You bring the market expertise, we bring the technology know-how. The Hauzer approach of partnership and flexibility means we can address many different market requirements with our modular coating equipment. This has led to long-standing success in many markets, even when coated products must meet the highest demands for reliability and cost per coating.