HARDINGE Hardinge will be presenting four innovative solutions of the Hardinge, Kellenberger and Forkardt brands Pad. 3 stand F03, E04, E06



Hardinge builds super-precision machines which are specifically designed to achieve extremely low tolerances and high surface finishes. The machine design allows for bringing the part closer to the spindle which is particularly beneficial in hard turning.

Our machines offer a particularly high level of stability & precision, excellent vibration-absorbing characteristics, extremely high rigidity of the tool holders, and perfect stability of the workholding facilities. SUPER-PRECISION hard turning by Hardinge opens up new opportunities to replace expensive and complex grinding processes without any loss in quality. Hard turning is faster, more flexible, needs shorter setup times, and requires less operations.

Super-Precision is a combination of best practice, design and manufacturing of hardware and software integrated into a machine tool that provides the highest level of precision for production turning centers that require the least amount of human intervention in the marketplace today. The Hardinge T-Series turning centers and SUPER-PRECISION® T-Series turning centers set the standard in high-precision and high-performance turning that will take your part quality and manufacturing capabilities to new heights. T-Series machines are designed to exceed your expectations and are ideal for two axis high-precision machining or complex multitasking operations that require a high level of precision, delicate part handling and for parts made complete in a single setup. Machine packages are pre-configured with our most popular features allowing you to select the proper machine tool configuration to produce your parts in the most effective and profitable manner.