FACCIN GROUP FACCIN GROUP launches new products at EMO MILANO 2021. Don’t Miss the First Electric Italian made Plate Rolling Machine


Faccin Group, with more than 30,000 units installed around the world and 3 of the most recognized brands in the metal forming industry – FACCIN, BOLDRINI and ROUNDO – is a leader in the design and fabrication of innovative machines for rolling and bending metal sheets and profiles.

Founded in the 1960’s, the group is headquartered in Visano – Italy with two branches, one in the U.S. and the other in Germany, as well as sale offices in China, Singapore and Spain.

The Group throughout its 3 brands offers the widest portfolio of plate rolls, section rolls, dished head lines and special machines serving industries worldwide like: pressure vessels, tube & pipeline oil & gas, wind energy (towers / foundations), transportation & earth moving, shipbuilding, metal fabrication and many others.

The true strength of a company is seen when, faced with challenges, the company does not just react but takes the initiative, innovates, improves, and becomes stronger than before.

With this in mind, we will be launching a wide range of new products from September onwards which will be exhibited at EMO MILANO 2021.

The Group will unveil the much-expected Faccin 4HEP-E and Roundo R6X models. Both models feature a compact and solid structure thanks to the use of more resistant and innovative steels, that together with new energy efficiency technology, achieve an optimal combination that maximizes productivity while reducing running costs.

Moreover, the birth of 4HEP-E, the First Italian 4-roll direct electric-drive roller, marks new standards for the metal forming industry where a “green energy efficiency” intervention improves rotation speed, torque and power with particular attention to reduce environmental impact and noise emissions. Control units with a more streamlined design extremely simplify maintenance of main components and spare parts management.