BEHRINGER Sawing solutions, plate and profile machining equipment and material handling


BEHRINGER is one of the few complete suppliers on the market for sawing technology and sheet metal and profile machining centres. By combining sawing systems with machining centres for drilling, milling, marking, punching or plasma cutting of sheet metal and profiles, fully automated lines are created for the steel trade and steel construction.

The product range includes straight-cutting band saws and automatic machines, mitre band saws and automatic machines, large band saws, panel and block band saws, circular saws and automatic machines, aluminium circular saws and sheet metal and profile processing centres.

BEHRINGER’s field of activity also includes the realisation of fully automated CNC-controlled sawing and drilling systems with correspondingly large peripheral equipment such as roller conveyors, measuring devices and material grippers.

At the headquarters in Kirchardt, the company operates its own iron foundry, which supplies customer orders as well as cast products for its own sawing machines. Band-guiding parts are mostly made of grey cast iron, as this has vibration-damping properties and thus has a positive influence on cutting quality and machine service life.