ARGOR-ALJBA Argor-Aljba is a service provider of nanotechnology coatings


With over 25 years of experience, our offer includes the development and production of functional and decorative coatings.
The latest PVD / PACVD technologies are the basis for improving surface properties such as hardness, friction coefficient reduction, wear and corrosion resistance and biocompatibility on components in a wide range of applications.
Our ta-C Diamond-like Carbon (ta-C DLC) coatings with their exceptional characteristics offer the ideal solution to optimize the surface tribological properties of tools to machining non-ferrous materials, mechanical components (automotive, textile, packaging segments), instruments in the medical segment and in high quality decorative / functional applications in the luxury segment.
We support our customers as a competent partner; with our innovative patented Dropless process we implement the optimal solutions for and together with the customer. Our support begins with consulting and carrying out feasibility studies, continues with the coating of components and it is consolidated with the implementation of continuous technical improvements and the sharing of information with our customers. Our mission is to help our customers to gain competitive advantages.