APPLYCA Compact cutting work cells: top quality and precision Applyca presents: Robo Laser CUBE 2KW, 5 AXIS, 3D cutting machine


Applyca defines customized industrial automation. At EMO MILANO 2021 it presents, alongside our partner, Fanuc, our own Robo Laser CUBE. The particularity? A system with a 3D cutter: supports the curves in relief and cuts flat and curved sheets on a working area of 1,500 x 1,500 mm.
The machine is equipped with CNC and a Fanuc laser source, which guarantees a flawless communication between the two devices, immune to disturbances thanks to the optical fiber and with laser cutting precision up to H7 tolerance. Compact in size, it’s ready for the Industry 4.0 production processes.

All of our Robo Laser CUBES are robust, heavy machine tools, installed on a rigid base to avoid cutting errors, designed and customized with lightweight aluminum or carbon fiber linear motors, for a high-end market.