ACUBEZ MODULAR AUTOMATION Acubez™ | Modular Automation Made Easy


Acubez™ is an Industry 4.0 innovative automation manufacturing company that has developed a cutting-edge modular automation platform, built by manufacturers for manufacturers. Acubez™ provides a modular, compact and flexible automation solution for a variety of industrial machines and applications.

Acubez™ empowers manufacturers to step into the world of automation with the industry’s first scalable modular automation solution that grows and changes as you go. Increasing productivity and overall equipment effectiveness significantly enhances competitiveness of the manufacturing business. With this modular automation platform, you can “grow as you go”, adapting your automation solution to your ever-changing manufacturing needs.

Coming from the world of manufacturing, acubez™ understands the challenges of machine downtime, limited floor space, lack of manpower, inconsistency of production quality, and the risk to invest in an automation solution that quickly becomes obsolete in today’s changing world. For those experiencing these challenges, acubez™ is your automation solution. Acubez™ solves these pain points, allowing manufacturers to easily configure their automation solutions for various job types and capacities.

The acubez™ platform offers modular capabilities with zero programming via the acubez™ touch, an intuitive touch interface, for easy setup and operation, allowing manufacturers to set up their automation solution today, and scale up with modular cubes tomorrow. Welcome to the world of easy and modular automation. Welcome to acubez™.

About the Platform
Acubez™ configurations are automation systems made up of a core unit, typically a cobot, and connected to different combinations of acubez™ modules and add-ons.

The acubez™ platform is based on an innovative multidisciplinary patent pending technology, fully equipped with a Self Identification System (SIS) for seamless modular connectivity of acubez™ modules and full Plug & Play user experience.