SERVOPRESSE The center of your coil business


More then 50 years of experiences permit to Servopresse S.r.l. to be one of the leader company on the automation field to produce equipments to decoil and straighten steel from coils.
The production range is able to handle all the coils dimensions up to max. 20 tonne of capacity, up to max. 20 mm of thickness., and up to max 2000 mm. of width.
Servopresse S.r.l. can build single machines, compact lines, special lines composed by:
– Decoilers.
– Straighteners: normal or feeding straighteners
– Electronic rolls feeders: easy to use, with many performances to satisfy any kind of automation work, due to the use of high quality of electronic devices.
– Traditional Lines composed by decoilers, straightener to be used with a separated feeder
– Lines composed by decoilers, feeding straightener
– Special lines able to satisfy all most sophisticated working exigencies, as zig-zag feeding lines, straightener cradles, bar feeders and complete cutting lines.