ROSE PLASTIC Innovations in plastic packaging


For decades rose plastic have dedicated themselves to the development, manufacturing and distribution of innovative plastic packaging solutions. Our product portfolio includes a wide range of universally applicable standard packaging, the ability to provide design modifications to our standard products to meet customer requirements, as well as complete customized packaging solutions with individual design. The vast product range makes rose plastic an unique supplier of special plastic packaging for diverse markets and industries. Whether protective tubes, boxes, cassettes or cases, individual or set packaging, whether round or square, adjustable or fixed length, coloured or transparent – The range of standard packages from rose plastic is tremendous.

With headquarters in Germany, production factories in the USA, Brazil, China and India as well as subsidiaries and sales partners in Europe, America and Asia, rose plastic owns a strong and efficient production and distribution network and is therefore able offer its customers service and products with consistent high quality worldwide.

These include medical engineering, dental market, healthcare and laboratories, writing instruments and stationery, hobby and craft products, sporting goods and accessories, automotive and electronic industry, precision engineering, engineering components or technical equipment, accessories and spare parts. Today rose plastic is an international leading manufacturer with a vast range of plastic packaging solutions for the cutting tool industry.