EMAG EMAG shows highly flexible production solutions for electromobility and digital manufacturing


Whether electric drive, hybrid motor or conventional drive – grinding machining is currently moving into the focus of production planners. On the one hand, they need new solutions for perfect component surfaces that guarantee the required smooth running at very high torques. On the other hand, the flexibility of the machines is important. They should be able to efficiently handle very different production tasks in rapid changeover, which is not easy to implement, especially in the grinding sector. This makes the concept of the G 250 machine from EMAG Samputensili for generating and profile grinding of gear components with a diameter of up to 250 millimeters and an outside diameter of up to 250 millimeters all the more impressive. The machine has two table spindles to minimize idle time during the manufacturing process. Here, generating grinding and profile grinding each take place on the main grinding spindle, so that the machine does not have a heat path.
Grinding of workpieces with interfering contours is also possible by using small-diameter (160 to 68 millimeters) generating worms and small profile grinding wheels (160 to 30 millimeters) on the main spindle. Centering takes place in parallel with the main time in the loading position. The integrated dressing unit provides additional process reliability. In the G 250 HS variant, the machine also has a high-speed grinding head that makes 20,000 revolutions per minute possible when using a small grinding screw. This machine is both highly flexible and highly productive, which is normally difficult to combine in the grinding sector. Against this background, it is, among other things, an ideal solution for gear cutting tasks in electromobility, where very small parts are often used.