33.BI-MU e XILEXPO press conference of presentation

The two events, 33.BI-MU and XILEXPO, undisputed leaders in the respective sectors of reference, will take place in full concomitance with total and reciprocal permeability, presenting itself as distinct but absolutely complementary events for a single major exhibition dedicated to the manufacturing industry. The 100,000 visitors expected in Milan for the “week dedicated to industry manufacturing” will find a superlative offer in terms of content, services, exhibition and thematic insights, many of which are transversal to both exhibitions, thus being able to optimize travel costs and times.


  • Barbara Colombo, president of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE
  • Luigi De Vito, president of ACIMALL
  • Alfredo Mariotti, general manager of 33.BI-MU
  • Dario Corbetta, general manager of XYLEXPO