Milan, a place to be

Probably, no other city in the world has been able to redesign its skyline and redefine its profile in such a short time, presenting itself to the eyes of its inhabitants and tourists as a new, constantly evolving centre.

From 2015 onwards, Milan has steadily developed, not only in height, and not even the public health emergency has interrupted this process. Indeed, in 2020, the city has experienced a large number of interventions and not just regarding urban planning. Monuments, tourist attractions, meeting places have been the subject of remarkable restoration and modernisation works, which the operators of EMO MILANO 2021 will surely appreciate during their stay in Milan.

Milan is beautiful and unique and it will be even more than that during EMO MILANO 2021, when the approaching Winter Olympic Games, scheduled to take place five years after the trade show, will fully accelerate the engine of the most industrious city in Italy, a place that the great Ernest Hemingway, in a letter to his mother, defined as the “most modern and lively city in Europe”.